Gamification can make us smarter…maybe?

Whilst applications of gamification work for some, they do not work for others. This pretty clear in the business example above.

“Play is a phenomenon of life that everyone is acquainted with firsthand…Play is universally known… Familiarity with play is more than merely individual, is a collective, public familiarity. Play is a well-known and common fact of the social work.”

Gamification works... sometimes_.png

Saying this, gamification allows to choose how our lives are designed.

“Game mechanics have become the basis for understanding the psychological drivers of users in the digital world. Business Intelligence, part of this digital experience, can learn some great lessons in how to engage users and revolutionize the user experience through the application of these game mechanics.”

Image taken from Google images,. Title and artist…..pfffft! Who knows?

Check out this cool tweet that has nothing to do with Gamification. Rami Malek is cool!

Creative commons image, artist and license type ….seriously? You have to include that?

If we did not have choice, then we would be little rats in a maze.

What do you think? Are you a rat in a maze OR do you have freedom?
Leave a comment below.


Who needs them?


  1. Hi Dan,
    I’ve looked at the marking criteria for assignment 2 and I think that your word length needs a little bit of work. Perhaps you could write an extra paragraph or two to bump your word count up to 600 words?
    All the best! Love your twin sister Danielle 🙂

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  2. Hey, nice post, very informative and thought provoking. However, your lack of care for referencing and crediting is of great concern. As well as this I think it’s important for you to keep media integration relevant; a tweet from Rami Malek -whilst he is cool- it seems a bit irrelevant. Other than these major issues, you have shown evidence of creative and independent thinking and demonstrated lots of competence in using digital media forms and platforms, neat!

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  3. Hey Faux The Dan,

    Just a few things to note down as feedback for your post. Starting off to the point, your blog posting needs further improvement and the areas of improvement could start with how references are needed for posts of this nature. You can’t just take content or state anything without a fair reason why to back up your thought process. Additionally you don’t seem to have a point.

    Next your blog post seems to lack any substance, the images associated along with the tweets don’t exactly form a cohesive structure to be able to understand what you’re delivering across when it comes to gamification.

    Once again unless you developed, designed and took those images yourself you have to post the credit. And even then you should state where you made it and your name below as a caption.

    Lastly it is extremely short and should have more thought structure into it.

    Probably should look at the criteria for your next post. 🙂

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      1. Predominately every facet of the criteria. In every avenue the content felt unthoughtful and lacklustre, even the media was clearly stock images built into word press.


  4. Hi Dan,
    The first thing that I notice on your blog post is you didn’t put any references. You need to put credits on the sources that you use. Hope you could improve in your future post!

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  5. Hey Dan,
    I would recommend working on your referencing – Deakin has some great resources regarding Havard References! I would also recommend finding more relevant tweets – hope this helps. Good luck!


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  6. Hi Faux the Dan! First of all, I really enjoyed this post. You’ve certainly showcased your rebellious personality and have shown some evidence of independent thinking. Who likes colouring inside the lines anyway!? However, I believe it may be worthwhile channeling that independent thinking in a more focused direction. I’m struggling to find a statement being made by this post, a little more time on that would go a long way to creating something of note! The media was a mixed bag. The SoundCloud link was properly embedded, and perhaps with some notes by your side when recording would aid in your focus. The quotes you’ve added need to be referenced so that they have some scholarly backing to them, otherwise everything you’re saying may as well be gospel! I have the utmost faith your next post will be a winner and look forward to reading some quality content in the future!

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  7. Dear Faux the Dan,

    I think that you’ve approached this topic with a very interesting perspective. The ‘fight the power/get woke’ perspective is one that I don’t see very often in terms of academic based blog posts, and I think you should be commended on your ability to find a new angle on an old topic.
    That being said, I think it would benefit your argument to narrow down your topic. At this point it is far too broad of a topic that nothing really gets argued. I think that you could work on pinpointing an aspect of gamification that you want to focus on (motivation, education, business implementation). Your arguments would also benefit from proper referencing.
    Be mindful of the media and the tweets that you choose to include because currently, they don’t really add anything to your argument.
    Again, love your enthusiasm and the persona that you have adopted is entertaining. Keep working at it and I’m sure you’ll only get better.


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  8. Hey Dan,
    By reading your blog I believe more research could have been done. And maybe structuring it more clearly would make it better. You could go through the criteria that are required to complete your next blog.
    Good luck!

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  9. While your blog post is interesting there are a few things I can see that require improvements. First is the title which should deliver a strong message. and not so flip floppy. Next is making sure you know where you put your examples in, ‘in the business example above’ should instead be ‘in the business example below’. With the image after it, it would be best to put a link to where you made it an it make it obvious that it is something you made. The next quote needs some referencing. The next image needs to be referenced with the title and artist. Also you shouldn’t put in a tweet that has nothing to do with your blog post. You also should have embedded the tweet into the post. You should also put in the title, artistic and creative commons information in regards to the next image with links to both where it is from and the creative commons info. Finally you should include reference of your images, quotes and tweets into your reference list. Please take these thoughts into consideration.

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  10. Probably use references, and could of articulated your ideas a bit better. Showed a pre good understanding on gamification though. Maybe even a couple dot points when recording the podcast..

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  11. The link for the Twitter images and links were embedded properly and the image was not easy to access as it takes you away from the blog site and doesn’t open up in a SEPERATE tab. You need to acknowledge the source material, for both images and the quotes used in the blog post.
    Also the podcast itself would have benefitted from a script or some retakes as it contained a lot of uncertainty… like… umm… yeah.
    The blog was not clearly structured as it contained random tweets and unrelated images.

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  12. Hello Dan,

    Reviewing you blog post I have noticed a few issues. Firstly, you do NEED to reference everything and detail what usage license it is under. Also, your formatting in the post needs attention, as at times, it was difficult to follow and confusing as to what you were talking about. Perhaps a quick spellcheck to fix any grammatical errors is also advised. It would also be recommended to increase your word count as approx. 300 words isn’t enough, as-well-as including topic relevant imbedded tweets and quotes. Its also important to have a strong, clear and concise podcast that is to the point and without stumbling (apologies if you have any speech impediments).


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  13. Hello! A little more consideration needs to be taken with the word structure regarding the word count and being more informed with the background readings in the unit. Your Soundcloud also needs to meet the time requirement of 3-5 minutes with a more in-depth explanation and link to unit materials. Any images or content not created by yourself also needs to be sourced correctly as this will not only help your readers but also the content creators who created those materials.

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  14. Hi Dan,

    I love that you have added some interesting photos on your blog! Along with a nice podcast.
    I did see however that maybe you could write a few more words and just make sure there are a few references possibly for some reputable information. Nice folio though! keep it up!

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  15. Oh hai there,
    ur blog is gud, but not gud ’nuff.

    Le image creditation must be improved, put le propero author, year, title, site hosted, and url.
    Le content must be consistent, vaporwave is kewl, but dont sidetrack from main topic
    Le reference is a must, like a wheel on car, a cookie with an afternoon coffee, a meatball on a spaghetti, a hat on mr. Monopoly

    Ciao, peace out yo!

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  16. I think this post has potential, however, there are a few areas that could do with some improvement. Most notably your referencing is very lax. You need to put proper references for your pictures as well as citing quotes. Media you include should also be more relevant to the topic at hand. Finally, there are a few instances that could use proofreading for clarity and flow. Keep working! Lots of potential here.

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  17. This is a great blog! If you are trying to fail the unit. Quit shocked but also impressed by your who gives a heck attitude. Some advice, maybe consider editing or having multiple attempts at your podcast to stream line your thoughts into a concise piece. Also give the deakin guide for harvard referencing a quick look over as it will really help.

    -Kind Regards,
    A concerned student.

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  18. Hi Faux the Dan,

    Well done for getting up a blog post! The first one is always the more difficult so you’re already past the worst of it.

    I think that with a little bit more time and planning you could increase the quality of this post tenfold, so here are a few bits of feedback you might want to think about for your next blog post:
    – It’s super important to properly attribute any media you use, and ensure that it has a Creative Commons License (meaning it can be shared and redistributed legally). Make sure to check the ALM201 hashtag because there are some great conversations about CC’s happening there!
    – It also seems that you’ve had some trouble embedding your tweets. This one is probably easily fixed by checking that your embed codes are in properly! I’d also make sure that you WordPress theme doesn’t mess with the way they embed.
    – We want to hear what you have to say! It’s great that you’re using quotes and tweets from elsewhere, but you should make sure that your voice is driving the blog post because that’s the most interesting part.
    – Don’t forget that the unit guide and assignment guidelines are there to help you! All the information you really need is there, and in the news item that is published weekly on the cloud.

    Finally, remember that anyone can see your blog because it’s on the internet! Be conscious that potential future employers could be clicking on the link to this right now, and you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward! This is YOUR blog, a place for you to show off what you know and what you’re passionate about.

    I hope that some of this advice is helpful, and I look forward to reading your next blog post!

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  19. hello, I think that you should notices some points.
    Your evidences provided with a quote mark and the author statement, so at the end there should be a citation for that and the evidence that is used should come up with reference so the viewer can ” double-check” to ensure that all your work is not from personal perspective and your blog reliable source to read. You can have a quick look at DEAKIN HARVARD REF.

    A couple of work to fill in you work to finish because its not match the work count. The work needs to be worked on a little bit to finish.

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  20. Hi Faux the Dan,

    This is a good start and an interesting perspective which I applaud, but there are many areas that could be improved. For starters, stick to the topic. It’s good that you have embedded tweets, but keep it relevant. Same with the structure of the blog post, the ideas are there, but they are not clear and not expressed within the target word length. Your biggest issue though is referencing. You MUST cite where you got your images, quotes and knowledge from.


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  21. Hey Faux the Dan,

    No matter what other people say; keep doing what you do! Haters be hatin’! They want you to write the certain way but I think you’re wonderful in your own way!


    But seriously, Faux. The first time of anything is always hard. I understand. If you see your comments below your posts you can find heaps of helpful advices to improve your blog, including from your twin sister! But the only advice from me is that just imagine if you’re a writer or a musician or an artist in general.. and then other people steal your works and put them on their own website without even telling you. It’s like someone punches you in the face for no reason. It hurts, y’know?

    Next time around, ask for those people permission whose pictures, photographs, tweets, articles, or journals you put (stole) here on your website! It’s not very nice to not credit the authors, you know! Good luck and we’ll always be here to support you! #niceguy


  22. Hey Dan,

    When presenting your ideas, its important to keep a professional tone at all times-this will ensure that the reader is engaged at all times and will seriously consider all points you took the time to raise. Ensure you refer back to the criteria sheet to make sure all areas are covered; for example, the word count (600 words) is yet to be met and can perhaps be reached with a few extra paragraphs, references are missing from the images and sources you use (and are an important thing to include to avoid copyright issues and give proper credit to the creators).

    You raised some very interesting areas of discussion and I would love to see them develop further (perhaps in another piece?) along with the friendly, constructive advice left by all your peers.


  23. Hi Dan,

    Nice work on your blog post.

    How fun is playing with podcasts! Next podcast you do I would suggest writing down some dot points, this will work as triggers for what to say next. You could also have a play with cutting and slicing your audio to remove hearing your thought process.

    Did you use Canva for your creative? I’m loving the look and would love some tips.



  24. Faux the Dan,
    Just a little Feedback here.

    Your blogging skills are in need of some fine tuning, first of all, you need to understand the tone of your blog and keep it consistent throughout so that your ideas don’t become hard to understand and jumbled up. Although Rami Malek is amazing there is room for improvement when it comes to referencing and sourcing different materials, make sure you look into it! Overall there a few things that need to be improved but that can easily be done with hard work and consistency!

    Keep on blogging!!!!!


  25. Hi Dan,

    Super interesting concept you’ve got here, especially with the discussions of how gamification doesn’t work for everyone. However, I would’ve like to see more on your own thoughts about it in relation to the research that you did on it. Also, some references would be nice! You don’t want to get in trouble with plagiarism, after all. A solid start, but I’d suggest maybe refining the post a bit more by making sure you’ve gathered all your thoughts together before posting it!


  26. Hi Faux the Dan, I really do enjoy the media you made for the title page, however I’d highly recommend including referencing, especially with your use of creative common images and your academic quotes you’ve included within your blog. Lastly, I think you need to add more of your own thoughts into your blog post as you haven’t quite made the word count. Lastly with your podcast whilst it looks well embedded, I feel could use a bit more refinement to give that academic feel. Really relate it back to and maybe use some editing programs to edit out any “ums.” You’ve raised some interesting points I feel could be interesting to expand on.


  27. Hi Faux The Dan,
    Good start on the blog post but I see heaps of room for improvement such as your structure of your blog. At first I was engaged then you wrote on how you felt about choices and that were all rats? Maybe explore how gamification allows choices in your life and maybe you’ll have a different opinion. Plus your Referencing needs a bit of work. However I see the potential, you can do this! 🙂

    ps. And as much as I like Rami Malick I don’t see how he has anything to do with your topic ahaha


  28. When you do broadcasting, it is necessary to be fluent and well-structured for your grammar. The references of your blog is also required like at least one academic resourses. Also, it is requirement to add note about photographer’s name and website when you upload creative common photos. Additionally, you can write your own idea on your blog instead of always citing the other’s. Overall, the blog you wrote needs some improvement.


  29. Hi Faux the Dan,

    The hardest step when it comes to blogging is publishing your first post, so well done on getting yourself out there!

    You have a good base for writing blog posts, though I think there’s definitely some room for improvement!
    -Referencing and crediting media created by others is incredibly important – especially to avoid a copyright strike!
    -Having quotes is great, but injecting more of your own opinion into your post would not only up your word count, but bring your own personal perspective to the topic.
    -Although Rami Malek is pretty awesome, you haven’t stated how he related to your overall topic. Make sure that the content of your post is relevant to what you are discussing!
    -I liked your inclusion of a short podcast sharing an experience you had! Perhaps next time you could prepare a short list of dot points (or even script the whole thing out) regarding what you’ll say – you’ll sound a lot more professional and confident!

    If you need any help with anything above, ask away on Twitter on the #ALM201. There’s a great community there and they’ll always be willing to help out!

    Good luck with your future posts!


  30. Dear Faux the Dan,

    This is the most realistic podcast I have ever heard, hahaha XD (Sounds like the way I want to do it), but there there, there are some good tips to make it professional.
    First, make sure to sound natural (in a more professional way, not the real you).
    Secondly, a script will make your podcast to next level, and it saves loads of time.

    This blog post needs a lot of references, other wise it is plagiarism (ooh a scary word) but it is even scarier if you get caught though, so avoid it!

    Hope for the best for your future projects or blog posts!


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